Welcome to Patsimeh Research Institute (PRI)


Welcome to Patsimeh Research Institute (PRI)

Patsimeh Research Institute (PRI) is a subsidiary of Tradesouth Investments (TSI) P/L in Zimbabwe. Our urgent mission is to provide a variety of academic support services that include research writing services to both undergraduates and post graduates students. We have experienced experts having thorough domain knowledge and are well versed in their respective disciplines. We provide complete assistance for your thesis/dissertation and even offer the flexibility to opt for chapter wise drafting support. We are committed to ensuring quality of work and satisfaction for our clients. We offer flexible payment options and money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with our work. We will assign the most suitable expert and deliver your project on time. As part of thesis drafting services, we are committed to ensuring quality of work and satisfaction for our clients. Our services serve as a helping hand to complete your dissertation proposal, dissertation and thesis with confidence and outstanding quality. The motive of the academic mentors is to guide the scholars, to understand the chosen topic, study all the relevant literature that relate to the area of research, prepare a research design that will be viable and unique, and draft a value added research report by following the required format (As recommended by the University).

Patsimeh Research Institute (PRI) also provide hands-on support for individuals and research support for government, non-profit, and community-based organizations. We offer a variety of services, which include line-by-line editing, research design consultation, qualitative data analysis, quantitative data analysis and program evaluation. Our goal is to help you reach your academic, research or professional goals with tangible service. What is at the heart of our services is our dedicated specialists, consultants, and staff who work side-by-side with students marching on the road to academic success. Furthermore, we have worked with students as instructors at the university level and we have expertise in specific content areas. We have over 5 years of proven research experience and expertise.

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